Todd White – Modern day street preacher

Todd White: Modern Day Street Preacher






Todd White was a drug addict and atheist for 22 years. He was at the point of suicide when God came into his life and set him free. Todd has been living the Gospel for four and a half years. Today, Todd preaches the Gospel of the Kingdom everywhere he goes and God backs it up with signs following. Todd’s heart is to equip the church and activate them to live a 24/7 Kingdom Lifestyle by helping them to get out of the boat and brave the waves of fear, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Todd loves sharing the simplicity of the Gospel of the Kingdom and what Jesus Christ accomplished at the cross, which is the measuring stick of God’s love for us.

It is common for Todd to see dozens of people healed while he goes about his everyday life. He has been on street ministry with Chris Overstreet from Bethel in Redding, Cal., and he has taught power evangelism and street ministry at Extreme Prophetic with Patricia King.

“This is every day for me,” Todd said. “When I go to restaurants or if I go to the mall, or anywhere for that matter, Jesus paid a price for all. So all are in and all are a target for the love of God.”

Todd’s home base is with Neck Ministries in Abbottstown, Pennsylvania, where he is a ministry leader and teacher. He also teaches at Randy Clark’s Global School of Supernatural Ministry and preached at the Church of the Great Commission. He has been blessed to receive impartation from Randy Clark, Bill Johnson, Roland and Heidi Baker and Benny Hinn. Todd has not only been blessed to travel domestically seeing miracles, but on a recent pilgrimage to Jerusalem, he saw over 150 Muslims and Jews healed by the power of God through the name of Jesus Christ on the streets.


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